Monday, October 24, 2005

Brent's Current Interests

Some of the things I'm currently interested in Owen, so we can get this thingy going! :) Just a start... we can potentially create new blogs for each of the topics? What do you think?

1. Proteins and what they are doing... they are crazy beeaaatches

what is it about proteins you are interested in? i may have some goods for you...

2. The immune system... very crazy.


3. The coordinated conservative agenda and that group of individuals


4. Interested in some history these days and in particular WWI and WWII because they really do set a lot of the scene for today's political climate

5. The brain... some of the stuff you were talking about regarding the brain was really neat.

i have a great textbook called "cognitive psychology" that has a few really great articles/papers in it. scientific american has a whole journal devoted to the mind now "mind" and i recommend it highly. also, i especially recommend Philosohpy in the Flesh by George Lakoff.


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